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While I don't consider myself an animator or Flash developer, I'm still very proud of this project. In the same vein as SomeGuy Ltd., this interactive set of animations is the result of my particular sense of humor.

The concept was to make an advertisement, in the vein of old infomercials. I went for a deliberately retro looks with it. In this casen it's an ad for a mystery product that somehow, apparently, "does it all". Of course, what else would it be but the proverbial featureless black box? The presentation gives a few technical specifications, as well as some demonstrations that suggest, perhaps, that it does not work as well as advertised, even if it is pretty amazing.

This project was developed in Adobe Flash CS5, and uses various royalty free sound effects along with my original vector artwork. So heads up if you play the animation, because there is sound, and it requires a Flash player to view.

Thing-A-Whatever Intro Thing-A-Whatever Menu Thing-A-Whatever Specs Thing-A-Whatever Video? Thing-A-Whatever Slices and Dices Thing-A-Whatever Removes Pet Stains

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